We make products from the heart, with our hands, for people that want to create special moments. We believe in kindness, because being nice feels nice.

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Oh hello, have you been looking for me? Funny thing, I've been here all along :). Tiny Hope, that’s my name. You can find me in the most unexpected places, at the end of a rainy day.

Claire has had a passion for building worlds since she was a kid, you can just ask her Play Mobile collection. At a young age she learned to love putting things together lego by lego and This Feels Nice is no exception. Prior to meeting, falling in love, quietly-and-not-so-quietly obsessing over Tiny Hope (&B!), she built an inclusive haircare brand, Verb you can find at ULTA, Sephora and 15,000 salons. She has also built a baby in her body and recently added mom to her signature.

Bridgette has wanted to be an artist even before she could spell the word “artist”. Over the past few years, in addition to her improved spelling she has been deeply immersed in the hospitality industry and creating This Feels Nice. She was the Dreamweaver at Eleven Madison Park, creating curated art experiences for guests. In 2018, her debut children’s book, “Norman and the Nom Nom Factory”, was published. And in 2020 It was read by Julie Andrews on her podcast, Julie’s Library. You can find the episode here!

Hi- I'm Sunny The Sunflower. Truthfully, it took me a while to bloom tall and proud, but everyday I'm trying my best and growing bit by bit. I always try to remind myself to point towards the sun– sometimes I forget and things go a bit sideways. I'm glad you're here – maybe we can remind each other.<3

People call me a gentle giant, I say, sometimes I can feel big and small at the same time. Even though I look strong and have great posture, that doesn't mean I always feel that way on the inside. But we can be masterpieces and works in progress all at the same time

Down here! Yesh, dats me, Lil Beb with a long eeee. Like beep! But Beb, hehe. Everyone’s always asking rainbow, in the pages of an old favorite book, or in a hug from a friend.

Sometimes hello’s are hard because I only think of the eventual goodbye. So let’s move through these feelings together, the happysad, bittersweet, and everything in between. Oh, I’m Grumble by the way.